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Video is everywhere. On line, on demand, on your phone, on your tablet... You get the picture. So how do you bring together your great idea with great images? 

On one hand you have a camera and your brother-in-law knows a guy who has worked on a couple of wedding videos. You could do it yourself and cross your fingers.

On the other hand you can call a big city video production company with big ideas...assuming you have a very big budget.  But chances are they won’t be able to tell you the difference between a spinner bait and a buzz bait.

So what’s the alternative? You’re looking at it...

For over a decade Reel Outdoors TV has been producing television series productions, award winning commercials and video presentations for the outdoor industry. From hunting to fishing and everything in between we know the outdoors just like you do. And more importantly we know the outdoor audience and how to present your great idea in a way that’s effective, dynamic and impactful. And I’m not just a spokesman for Reel Outdoors TV. I'm the owner.

Joe Thomas, Reel Outdoors TV

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